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Lucky the Ossabaw Pig: Friend of Ossabaw

Price: Donations of $100-$499
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Lucky pig, unlike most pigs, came down from the sky.That was undoubtedly one of the reasons he was so remarkable, so intelligent, wise and loving.A hawk had plucked the tiny new born piglet out of the woods of Ossabaw and deposited him on the roadjust ahead of our truck. Lucky lived with me for sixteen years. He grew up in my house, loved his bottle and his warm bed in the laundry room. He followed me everywhere, rode in the front seat when I went exploring, adored digging for shells in the sand of the beach. and coveted adventures in the boat. Later when I went for a long ride on my horse he would follow until he gave out and then wait beside the road for hours to happily come back with us to the barn. Lucky loved the horses and once when his favorite horse had to be taken to the mainland he followed the trailer to the dock and waited there for a day and a night watching the spot where the barge had disappeared. He was a handsome and mighty boar, a descendent of the pigs that were brought to this country by the Spanish boats in the fifteenth century. He loved only the right kind of people and left round black kisses on many cheeks. Pigs are very clean unless kept in a nasty barnyard.. He just once made a mess - accidentally-on purpose he made a large plop on the immaculate tan suede shoes of a visiting Congressman of whom neither Lucky nor I approved.I was relieved that he just gave the Bishop of Georgia a kiss. Lucky's fame found him in books, magazines newspapers and on television. He loved such publicity.Best of all he loved me and I love him and miss him SO MUCH.
Eleanor Torrey West
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