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Snowy Egret The Rookery Friend of Ossabaw

Price: Donations of $2,000-$4,999
In Stock

Nestled on the west side of Ossabaw Island liesPine Barren Pond. During much of the year it appears to be a tangle of willows standing in water. However, in early spring, hundreds of birds converge on the pond, transforming it into a raucous communal nesting site known as a rookery.

Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets nest alongside Snowy Egrets, Night Herons, and Little Blue Herons. Recently, the endangered Woodstork, North America’s only native stork, found refuge here and is now nesting successfully.  Because the rookery at Pine Barren Pond is such a special place, The Ossabaw Island Foundation has created a “rookery” for our special supporters.

The Rookery is a unique giving society within the Friends of Ossabaw Island, to recognize and thank our major donors. Membership in The Rookery is reserved for those who contribute $1,000 or more to The Ossabaw Island Foundation’s Annual Fund. Each of the four giving levels is named for a nesting resident of the island’s natural rookery.

Donors to The Rookery will receive complimentary or discounted tickets to events sponsored by The Ossabaw Island Foundation, including some events for Rookerymembers only.

 Join like-minded Friends of Ossabaw

Island and become a member of The Rookery.

You’ll be flying high!

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