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The God of the Hinge: Sojourns in Cloud Cuckoo Land by Elizabeth Pool & Eleanor West

Price: $17.00 soft covered book
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The thought of meeting a hellenic hero never occurred to Sandy and Rusty until a chain of signs and cleverly cryptic messages leads them to discover the truth: they are in divine company.

Friends from the moment they meet, just before Sandy marries Rusty’s brother, the two women begin a tradition of girls-only trips to often exotic locals. On each journey, they are inevitably drawn into adventures, misadventures and treasure hunts choreographed by the mischievous entity seeking to reveal his identity.

In the form of a letter to Sandy’s granddaughter, God of the Hinge: Sojourns in Cloud Cuckoo Land provides a tag-team account of Elizabeth "Rusty" Pool’s and Eleanor "Sandy" West’s lifelong friendship and enlightenment – and divine intervention straight from mythical Mount Olympus.

Praise for God of the Hinge:

"God of the Hinge: Sojourns in Cloud Cuckoo Land is an intriguing account of two debutantes who, for more than 70 years, have shared delightful adventures, heavily influenced and inspired by nature, mythology and imagination."

-Jimmy Carter , 39th president of the United States

"This is a wonderful book - quite literally full of wonders: parrots, flamingos, hearses, sneezes, rainbows. What do they mean? On their far-flung travels over seven decades, two free-spirited ladies make the discovery: Someone has singled them out for revelation. This charming and true book about their enchanted adventures is proof that the universe is alive with shimmering truths, and that gods still dwell among us."

- Sy Montgomery, Commentator for National Public Radio's Living on Earth and author of six heralded books including Journey of the Pink Dolphin and Search for the Golden Moon Bear

"In our post-modern, often fragmented 21st century world, Elizabeth Pool and Eleanor West, in writing God of the Hinge: Sojourns in Cloud Cuckoo Land, have brought readers a magical chronicle that espouses wholeness, and the power of making connections, showing us "the way of shimmering truths almost lost but still lurking." Theirs is the tale of wondrous journeys, of a "You and I" relationship, with an "Other" that explores the worlds of mythology, of artistic expression, and the joy of new ideas and discoveries. Beautifully written, suitable for a diverse readership, the book is a "must read" for all those who believe there are still things to find, and treasure in the shadows of unexplored pathways, in the starlight, sunlight and "odd shaped rainbows." To travel through the voices and visions of Elizabeth Pool and Eleanor West is pure joy and delight. "

- Dr. Katherine Hoffman , Professor of Fine Arts, Author of six books, most recently, "Stieglitz: A Beginning Light " Yale University Press, 2004; Fulbright Distinguished Chair, Graz, Austria 2006

"Bold, funny, erudite, and magical! This is a "quest" book unlike any you will ever read; where the hunters become the hunted - with irresistible and charming results. These two nonagenarians have much to teach us - the true wonders and surprise that can come to us if only we are aware, keenly aware of what lies beyond the realms of conventional cause and effect.

Imagine twin Agatha Christies solving the puzzles of the spiritual world; and you will have as much fun as they do - following their "bliss."

- Lydia Forbes (Contributing Editor, Forbes Asia )

"What an ingenious work - a collection of delight, wisdom, adventure, mercurial truths, glimpses into the unknown! I eagerly await news of this special manuscript's publishing. It should be out in the world because to my knowledge there is nothing like it - the whimsy, fun, collection of experiences, seriousness, liberty, love of life and the unexpected. It's terrific!"

And the rhythm of you/your sister-in-law's writing is unlike any I know of - a mix of conversation and literary workings. WONDERFUL.

- Victoria Labalms , Monologist and mime, pupil of Marcel Marceau

"Daring to allow the irrational to direct their intellect and intuition, two young women embark on a liminal journey that courses their lives. They don't discover as much as let themselves be open to the revelation of ancient truths - and curious adventures hinge on acceptance of paradox, playfulness, and recognition of the wholeness of opposites."

-Joan Amory , reporter

"Yesterday I had the joy of beginning your manuscript. It had been calling to me since you dropped off that big manila envelope (radar blips were emitting from the crowded desktop), but grant work kept me from reading for pleasure until that gorgeous First Day of Spring.

I love the two voices, and the way your back-and-forth exchange propels the reader forward as we get to know the two of you a little better with each entry. It is wonderful to hear from women who have really paid attention in their lives. So much of life is, I think about showing up and doing the work (or the play!) that is called for - and we are called, that is so certain. But there's recognizing the ringing when it happens - the listening. Your book reminds me to keep listening for the magic that we know is there around us all the time.

How lucky you are to have a co-pilot on this remarkable journey. And I do believe that you are a pilot, a traveler yourself, but transporting others through your writing, lectures, teaching - even through laughter. The International Pilots in need of a decent flag - what a perfect metaphor! Your book is like a flag, a bright signal that can be seen from afar. It's a beacon for others who have had these sorts of unusual experiences and need to know they are not alone. We may not know what it all is, but can know that it is something. You are reassuring us."

- Edith Powell , visual artist, arts consultant, grant writer

"With God of the Hinge , we discover that it's not the world that needs reviving but that we need awakening. This book is a delicious antidote to our age of scientism and materialism."

- Robert Perkins , prize-winning filmmaker and author of Into the Great Solitude and Talking with Angels .

"By the last page of this delicious but erudite memoir, I was left breathless and delighted, as though I had been touched by two playful and all-knowing angels."

- Rosemary Daniell , author

"Amazing, enchanting, timely!"

- Annie Dillard , author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and An American Childhood

"This book, God of the Hinge: Sojourns in Cloud Cuckoo Land, is a true story, delightful to read and exciting to understand and believe."

- Craig Rubadoux , artist

"Together, these ladies have that rare kind of vision and imagination that sees through the ordinary to reveal all of life's incredible surprises."

- Bruce Burkhardt , longtime CNN national correspondent and Emmy winner

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